How to Sync All Roofr Jobs to CompanyCam as Projects

Learn how to sync your Roofr jobs as projects within CompanyCam, saving your time and keeping both platforms up to date automatically.

Last updated
May 16, 2023

What it does: Allows you to connect Roofr & CompanyCam to sync jobs as projects, and use photos in your Roofr Proposals. 

Prerequisites*:  Have an active account with CompanyCam. Connect Roofr and CompanyCam integration.

Available On: Free, Pro, Premium & Elite Plans

We know a number of you start your proposals and projects in Roofr, and then continue to CompanyCam. This is why Roofr will now automatically create a project for you within your CompanyCam account every time when you create a job or order a report within Roofr.

Once you make the connection between Roofr and CompanyCam - information is bilaterally synced between the two.

Here's how it works:

Step One: Log in to your Roofr account.

Step Two: Navigate to settings, and then click on the integrations tab.

Step Three: Locate the CompanyCam integration modal, and then click on ‘+ Manage’.

Step Four: Ensure your CompanyCam & Roofr integration are connected.

Step Five: Then check the box to enable “create new Roofr jobs in CompanyCam’.

Now, every time you create a job in Roofr, the integration will automatically create a project within Company.

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