Payments & Invoicing

How to Take Credit Card & ACH Payments

Learn how anyone at the company can process payments through Roofr.

Last updated
July 15, 2024

What it does: Enable employees and team members to process credit card and ACH Payments live through Roofr

Purpose: Streamline your invoicing workflows by allowing customers and employees to provide payment easily and securely.

  • Integrated Credit Card and ACH processing for US-based merchants
  • Integrated Credit Card and EFT processing for Canadian-based merchants
  • Process payments from the office and through the Roofr application
  • Email payment requests to customers to process through their personal devices.

Prerequisites: You must be a Roofr Payments customer. Learn more and sign up: How to Sign Up for Roofr Payments

Available On: Pro, Premium & Elite Plans

Taking a Payment

Step 1: Log onto Roofr and find your invoice by:

  • Searching for the job that you are sending the invoice out for
  • Visiting the Invoice Dashboard

Step 2: Click on “Create Payment” in the upper right hand corner of your invoice.

Note: You cannot create payments for invoices that are in draft status. You must add at least one invoice item as well as a due date in order to collect payment.

Step 3: Select “Collect Payment Now”

Step 4: Enter in your customer’s payment details

Step 5: Click on “Charge” and the payment will be submitted to our processor. After the payment is successfully processed, you will see a transaction complete message.

Step 6: The successful payment will be displayed in the customer totals section.

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