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Roofr Report Update 2024

An important update from Roofr on the price of Roofr Reports.

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January 24, 2024

Everything you need to know about the pricing update on February 1, 2024

On February 1, 2024 the price of detailed measurement reports will change for all users.

Our costs for aerial imagery have increased and in order to deliver a world-class experience we need to adjust the price of Roofr Reports.


What’s the difference between Roofr’s pricing plans?

Roofr has four types of plans, with varying access to features in the Roofr platform. Here is a comparison of the measurement report features included on each of our plans. For more info, visit the pricing page here.

How do I know what type of plan I’m on?

If you’re not sure which type of account you have follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Roofr account
  2. Click on your company name in the top left corner
  3. Choose “subscriptions” from the menu and you will see the details of your account

Does the subscription price include measurement reports?

No, our measurement reports are billed on a per use basis, regardless of your subscription type. The monthly subscription fee offers a discounted per report rate (plus tons of other great perks).

I only want measurement reports, why do I need a subscription?

You don’t! That’s the beauty of our Free plan. However, depending on how many reports you need, a subscription plan could save you money in the long run.

Has the price of DIY measurements increased?

No, the price of the satellite images for our DIY reports has stayed the same. Learn more here.

I rely on measurement reports for my business. How do I know you’re not going to raise prices again?

As a company with many past and present roofers, we understand the impact that any price increase has on a business. Like anything, we’re affected by the market and need to make adjustments accordingly. Although we can’t promise you prices are never going to increase again - we can promise you that the increase is being invested directly back into making our product even better for you and your business.

We’re bringing you even more in 2024

2023 was a busy year and thanks to our dedicated customers (that’s you) who worked with us to give feedback, offer suggestions, and test features - we released a ton of new updates and made major improvements to existing tools.

Here’s a quick overview of the new CRM features released;

  • Effortless job tracking and pipeline management on the job board, plus project management with detailed customer records and photo attachments, assigned tasks, and activity tracking.
  • Seamless workflows that integrates measurements, proposals and invoicing without ever leaving the platform, and enables your team to collaborate in one place.
  • Powerful insights on your business with revenue tracking and job performance dashboards.

Plus features like payment processing, material orders, and homeowner emails & SMS are all available in Beta testing.

We know there’s still a lot to do and 2024 should be even busier. We’re excited to show you what’s in store for the Roofr platform. Here’s a sneak peak of just some of the big things planned;

  • Automated Emails & SMS
  • Custom stages and workflows
  • Scheduling and calendar
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Supplier integrations
  • Job costing
  • Plus plenty more…

Thank you for choosing Roofr - our customers are our friends, partners, and biggest supporters and we’re excited to keep delivering more value to your roofing business.

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